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Inprove FrameRate

If you are running an antiquated computer system like me you might want to try and improve your frame rate as much as possible. Getting your frames-per-second count as high as possible is one sure way of improving your score in online CoD4 play.

Here are some tips to improve that frame rate:
note: Some of these has been disallowed by PB on current patches, Use at your own risk

Graphics Menu in-game: 


Video Mode = Use native screen resolution for your monitor.

If your hardware cannot handle this resolution, set it lower and check out the resulting change in frame rate.

Anti Aliasing = Off

Vertical Sync = Off

Glow = No (for me, glow makes the game cartoonish and it gives you a framerate hit)

Dynamic Lights = OFF (if on, will create a -20 fps frame rate hit)

Screen Refresh = Set as high as your monitor can handle

Soften Smoke Edges = No
Depth of Field = No (creates a 5+ fps drop)
Rag Doll = No
Bullet Holes = No
Model Detail = Low (Low or medium models are for all intents and purposes produce equivalent frame rate)
Water Detail = Normal

Texture can be kept high, as in CoD2, it does not affect frame rate much.

If you are pushing the upper reaches of frame rate you will have noticed that the rate is now capped in-game. But, by changing the maxfps setting to 0, the frame rate can climb to whatever your system can handle. There is a temptation to "uncap" the frame rate using the

/com_maxfps 0 

command in console.  However, as mentioned in earlier posts, the best set up is one where the frame rate stays constant and you match it with a maxpackets value in such a way that results in an integer number when you divide frame rate into maxpackets (i.e. Maxpackets/FPS = integer).

Additional changes in console can be made to improve your frame rate as well:

/r_drawDecals 0  (Has been disallowed in patch 1.6+)

Normally set to 1, setting to null removes marks on the walls from gunfire, explosions and other related items. Frame rate improvements of 5 fps can be achieved.

/sm_enable 0

This turns off shadows and can improve frame rate by as much as 30 fps.

What is FOV?

You might of heard others talking about it and didn't knwo quite what they were talking about and instead of feeling like an idiot and asking, you just kept your mouth shut and went on. Well here is a brief run down of what it is.


FOV 65


The "fov" command "Field Of View" command and it is by default set to 65 degrees. Which is the viewing area that you see.

You can widen your view all the way to 80 degrees and thus get a better view of what is coming at you on your flanks. If you are being constantly blind-sided by opponents, this little tweak might be for you!

You can either type the following command in your console (you enter the console by hitting the tilde "~" key) as follows:

/cg_fov 80 

Or, you can permanently set this in your config_mp.cfg file which is located in the: C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\profiles\Playername directory, by typing:

/seta cg_fov "80"

 An "80" field of view looks like this:

FOV 80

I prefur typing it in game in the console which will also permintally put it in your config. Do this by pressing the Tild key, ~ and when console drops, type /seta cg_fov "80"  


What is Gamma and how does it effect me?

Well, if you are having trouble in-game with the brightness levels, that is, the screen is either too bright or too dim, modify the gamma setting on your graphics card in the game by binding a key to it as follows:

Modify the config_mp.cfg file, which normally can be found here:

C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\profiles\PlayerName

Where, "PlayerName" is the folder housing your player profile (in my case this folder is called "Jock Yitch".

Edit the config_mp.cfg file with Wordpad and add the following lines:

bind KP_END "r_gamma 1.00"
bind KP_DOWNARROW "r_gamma 1.21"
bind KP_PGDN "r_gamma 1.41"

Now you can simply type the keypad buttons END, DOWN ARROW and PGDOWN (i.e. the 1, 2 and 3 keypad buttons) and you will get different levels of brightness. You can use any combination of keys. Use the image below for which keys you prefur to use, but be sure that they wont interfear with any of your current binds.

I have selected 1.00 as low level light, 1.21 as normal and 1.41 as bright (for those dark maps...but not dark enough for nightvision).

Try your own settings here and good luck!

Keyboard Binds

CoD4 Tweaks: Swapping configs mid game

We will discuss how to swap CoD4 mulitplayer configurations mid-game.

Up to now, if you wanted to load a different configuration in multiplayer, we have told you to use the following steps:

- backup your player folder.
- create a new profile.
- copy and paste the new configuration (e.g. new.cfg) overtop your new profile's config_mp.cfg file.
- load the new profile.

This process works fine of course...but if you visit different servers or you are really finnicky and want to tweak your configurations mid-game, you would have to re-load a new profile with any configuration changes, or you would have to make your configuration changes through the console...manually.

The "exec" command allows you to run a separate file containing additional console commands. These commands over-write your current configuration. By "binding" these "exec" commands to various keys, you can swap from one configuration in one simple keypress.

The following instructions assume your profiles are located here:

C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\players\profiles\Playername


Please make a backup of your player profile folder. Just copy it in the same \players\profiles directory.

For example, if your folder was called "Playername", just copy the whole folder and call it "Playername2", say. Now you can modify the contents of Playername and if you bugger things up, you can always revert back to the original saved configuration.


Add the following binds to the config_mp.cfg file in your Playername folder. 

bind KP_HOME "exec stock.cfg"
bind KP_UPARROW "exec Custom1.cfg"
bind KP_PGUP "exec Custom2.cfg"
bind KP_LEFTARROW "exec Custom3.cfg"

These binds are for the 7,8,9 and 4 key on your keypad. If you do not want them to on your keypad...bind them to another key. 


Do a right-click and Copy the stock config you have and paste it 3 times and rename them to Custom1, Custom2, Custom3. You do not need 3 of them, you can do 1 or 2, I am just showing with 3.
Once renamed, Open each and change the settings to how you would like them, You can change FOV, Gamma, ect... and have each config set up for Sniping, run and gun, or conseritive. Once you do that, save each of these files and place each file in the main directory of your CoD4 install:

C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare\main 



Load up CoD4. Select your new profile.


Evaluate each configuration.

Enter a server and then try pressing the 7 key, observe your fps. Do the same for the 8, 9 and 4 keys and test them out to see if you did everything right.



The exec command will allow you to replace multiple console commands with one. The example above is one simple example.

The *.cfg files you execute are a subset of the player config_mp.cfg file. Notice that these files do not contain things such as player name...etc. We cut those commands out. If you wanted to, you could have added the whole config file, lock stock and barrel. We chose not to, because in this way, these files will not over-write your own playernames, or player specific configs.

One useful result of this efficiency is that you will now be able to quickly determine the relative merits of one configuration versus another simply by swapping back and forth between them and observing the resulting FPS (for example).



Without a doubt the best explanation of Anti-lag, now automatically enforced at CoD4: MW Patch v1.3, can be found below.

The upshot of using Anti-lag is that low ping players will now find themselves in a more disadvantageous position than ever before. This is good news for all the North American west-coast players out there that have here-to-fore been pwned by easterners with low pings.

ANTI-LAG Definition and Explanation:

Its a latency-based system which uses algorithms to adjust hit registrations according to a mean average between 2 players whose latency (ping) is plus/minus 50 difference between them. It will delay the rigistration for faster connections, and speed it up for the slower one.

In practice, in speeding up the registration, this sometimes appears like you've been hit before the player has even taken a shot. But that is only an illusion created by the algorithm used.

Between players whose latency (ping) is not greater than a certain mean average between them, no noticable delay or speeding up is made.

In other words, it gives slower ping players a fighting chance against players with a much faster ping. But between players whose ping is roughly the same, no such adjustments are made.

If server admins want to reduce the amount of compensation used when anti-lag is enabled (and, it has to be said, many game industry insiders insist that anti-lag is by far and away the "fairer" system), make sure you exclude players with a ping greater than 50/60 the average player ping on your server.

So, for example, if the average player ping on your server is 50, set these settings:

set sv_minPing "20"
set sv_maxping "110"

It will have the draw back of limiting server traffic for players whose ping is outside those values, but will greatly reduce the blatant compensation illusions which can (and do) occur using anti-lag. This gives a more "pleasing" experience as you dont feel so robbed or cheated during play.

Turn off anti-lag, and you will see the old style hit registrations - the faster ping players will always win hands down against slower ping players.

Voice Commands

Voice commands allow your avatar to yell out Commands, Quick Messages and Responses in-game. Examples of these commands are: 

    "Attack left flank!"

All of these calls have been pre-set by Infinity Ward and can be accessed in the game in two ways.

Method 1: Quick Chat Menu 

In the main menu screen in CoD4, select


Now, bind a key to the Quick Chat command. E.g. the "U" key.

When you are in the game, selecting the "U" key will bring up the Quick Chat menu. There are 3 sub commands that you will then be able to choose from 

    1. Commands
    2. Statements
    3. Responses 

Selecting these sub-menus selects yet another menu screen on which you find between 6-8 calls.

While it is simple to use this method requires you to execute multiple key clicks which takes a great deal of time and manual dexterity. I would not suggest using this technique during a tight game - by the time you figure out which key click is the right one, you probably will get fragged. Having said this, I have noticed that many players memorize the sequence of key clicks and can get quite efficient with this technique.


Method 2:  The Console 

Step 1. Enter the in-game Console (requires enabling in the Main Menu) by selecting the tilde (~) key. 

Step 2. Enter the following command:


Step 3. Exit the Console: select the tilde key again (~).

Step 4. The Quick Chat menu system will come up, select one of the three choices: Commands/Statements/Responses. 

This method is similar to Method 1 and is quite tedious.

Method 3: Binds 

As in CoD2, there are three sets of call out options:


If you would like to bind a key with one of the preset call outs, you can add one or more of the following binds in your config_mp.cfg file. The comments in red need not be typed.

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 1" // On Me!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 2" // Move In!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 3" // Fall Back!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 4" // Base of Fire!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 5" // Attack Left Flank!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 6" // Attack Right Flank!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 7" // Hold this Position!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickcommands 8" // Regroup! 

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 1" // Contact!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 2" // Multiple Contacts!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 3" // I'm in Position
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 4" // Area Secure
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 5" // Watch Your Six!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 6" // Sniper!
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickstatements 7" // Need Reinforcements 

    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 1" // Roger
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 2" // Negative
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 3" // Moving
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 4" // Sorry
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 5" // Nice Shot
    bind # "openScriptMenu quickresponses 6" // Come On

    where # is the keyboard key of your choice. 

For example, to ask one of your team-mates to turn around, add this bind, using the "K" key, in your config_mp.cfg file :

bind K "openScriptMenu quickstatements 5" 

Here's an example of the first few lines of a config_mp.cfg file. The quickResponse, Command and Statements commands are used, bound to the I,K,O,L and P keys, respectively:

bind I "openScriptMenu quickresponses 4" //  = Sorry!
bind K "openScriptMenu quickresponses 5" //  = Nice Shot!
bind O "openScriptMenu quickcommands 5" // = Attack Left Flank
bind L "openScriptMenu quickcommands 6" // = Attack Right Flank
bind P "openScriptMenu quickstatements 7" //= Need Reinforcements

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