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COD4: Tips & Tricks
COD4: Tips & Tricks

CoD4 Tips and Hints

Here are some great tips and hints for CoD4 submitted by visitors and our staff. If you would like to submit your own hint or tip, please click here. Thank you for your contributions!

10 tips:

  1. Cook a grenade before throwing it. Time it so that it has little to no delay when it reaches its destination. That way no one can run or return the grenade.
  2. Bouncing grenades/stun off of the lip on a doorway is a great way to keep your cover and clear a guy possibly hiding in a corner.
  3. Flanking with UAV Jammer and a silencer is a great way to rack kills up, as some rely heavily on their radar when UAV is up.
  4. Claymores in random places where traffic can pass through is a great way to rack up kills and prevent flanking.
  5. Martydom is great if you enjoy running into rooms with enemies.
  6. Always cover before a reload, switch weapons if you can't.
  7. Don't hang around in a doorway, It's an easy way to get yourself and possibly an angry teammate who wanted by, killed.
  8. A stun followed by a grenade is effective for killing.
  9. Throwing grenades far in front of you in maps like Bog and Countdown are great for clearing enemies on the other side. Even more so if you have the Fragx3. I can't count the number of times I've randomly killed players this way. It also pisses them off seeing that you just randomly tossed one into them.
  10. Sway side to side if spotted by a sniper. it's harder for him to hit you, and you can unload for a possible
  11. kill.

Shoot that heli - Remember to shoot the helicopter. Even regular guns are effective against it. While playing online, I've noticed most of the time the team ignores the heli and lets it destroy people on their team. This is a very bad strategy. Why? Well while you ignore the heli, it takes out say, 5 of your teammates. Now the guy who called the heli could have already died and respawned. Now imagine he got himself a kill, the heli gets 6 or more and now the guy has another heli at his disposal. The second heli comes, and once more you don't shoot it. The guy racks up another 7 kill streak, and guess what? Yup. He has yet another heli. Now you are getting your ass handed to you every time you respawn, and all this because you didnt want to waste a clip (or a lot less if more people shoot at it) on the heli.

Aiming Tips:
#1. Shoot the enemy in the body/chest and then in the head to kill him because, for most guns, even with stopping power it takes 2 bullets to kill, even if both land in the head.

#2. Aim for the tip/middle of the opponents head to land a headshot. This is due to the scope being mounted on TOP of the rifle, thus leading to a small bullet displacement that increases as the distance increases. At short ranges the bullet displacement maybe only 1 cm, but as the enemy get's farther away, the greater the bullet displacement becomes. (For example, it may hit them in the neck, instead of the head.) If you aim at the middle of that head or at the tip, there is more chance of the bullet hitting exactly where you want it. It works, 90% of the time.

Turning off the in game music (PC version) - To disable the music in the game (in case you want to listen to your own), browse to your COD4 folder, (something like "C:\Program Files\Activision\Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare") and rename the "Miles" folder to "MilesMUSICOFF". This way the music will be disabled in the game. If you ever want the music back, just rename the folder back to "Miles".

Things to remember -
- Theres a prominent radar
- There is inherent bullet penetration (deep impact makes it pretty extreme, Example: Machine gun + stopping power + deep impact = a deadly wall spaming machine. Also an m16 works well with deep impact. Watch for those red dots on your map, and if they are in front of you, along with a wall, spam that area. You will get a kill, especially if you are playing hardcore)
- Also When you hit someone theres that little cross that comes up, so if you get that you just spam the wall or building or smokecloud

Non-Headshot snipers: If you find it hard to get headshots with a sniper, use the M40A3 or R700 and use the stopping power and deep impact perks, you will almost always get a 1-hit kill when shooting the torso ( deep impact is for shooting other snipers hiding everything but there weapon behind a wall)

How to tell if someone has Juggernaut - When you fire at someone and you see a red cross, it means they are using the juggernaut perk.

MP5 Main Weapon - If you are using an MP5 as a main weapon, use an M9 as your pistol, it uses the same bullets as the mp5 so it's spare bullets act as a poor man's bandolier for your mp5. Always pick pistols with the same type of ammo as your main weapon for more ammo for your main weapon.

Sonic Boom - Sonic Boom effects explosives (grenade launcher), Stopping Power increases bullet damage.

Slow down - Don't always run out and think you're Rambo. This is why a lot of people are horrible at this game. Other than that, have quick reflexes, think before you move into an area where there are a lot of enemy players and just stay attentive. Oh and if a guy is camping in one spot and you get killed by him at least 2-3 times from that same spot, don't keep trying to kill him. Just avoid that area. The guy will usually get killed sooner or later or realize no one is coming his way so he'll move.

Beginner Tips - Use M16+red dot sight+stopping power. Usually kills in one pull of the trigger.
If you're new, it's imperative that you learn the maps. You'll want to take note of key hot spots, side paths, and sniping positions. Try not to hide behind cars, as they can explode from gunfire/grenades. ALWAYS, ALWAYS check your corners. Flank enemy positions every opportunity you can.
Once you get to level 25, you'll unlock the G3. Practice with that and the sniper rifles, and you'll most likely be able to dominate with any other weapon. Use the red dot sight with pretty much every weapon. Use both types of grenades that you have (special and frags). Get into the habit of aiming down the sights, all the time.

1.) Start a private match by yourself and learn each map.
2.) Always crouch when moving in buildings. (You make less noise that way when not using Dead Silence.) When in the open sprint for cover.
3.) When enemy helicopters come hug the wall and pray or run for the nearest building WITH a roof. (Same for airstrikes. (At least that's what I do.))
4.) Pick which gun/perks work best for you and your playing style. (Like me, I'm more of a run and gun/Ninja, so I use an M5 with Frag x3, UAV Jammer and Martyrdom (Normal TDM) or Dead Silence (Hardcore TDM))
5.) Try playing that training part in the first level a few times to get better acclimated to the controls/'nade handling. (Or try to beat IW's 15 second record. I beat it by the skin of my teeth with 14.98 secs.)

Grenade Tip - When throwing grenades, its very easy to hit someone if you aim at about an 80 degree angle. So basically almost looking at the sky, but not quite. A bit down, and then throw the grenade in the direction of a red blip on your radar. Most of the time you will kill at least one person. Grenades require a large toss in this game if you want them to travel far.

Shoot through walls - Anytime you see red dots on your radar directly in front of you, and there is a wall, spam it. You WILL get kills this way. I've seen too many of my teammates just stand there when there are like 5 red dots on the radar directly next to us. Anytime I spam a wall with multiple enemies with an M16 with Deep Impact, I get at least two or more kills.

Teamwork - Most people run around like rambo in this game. I advice more people team up and work together. I just don't understand when someone is taking the flag, and you are off somewhere trying to kill a lone sniper, in the middle of nowhere. The radio commands are not that good in this game though, so you will have to actually communicate. (On the PC version.) On the Xbox360 version there is more teamwork because of the headsets.

Gold desert Eagle - You get the gold desert eagle at level 55.

Videos of COD 4 Multiplayer Tips on Youtube

Some tips - This is in addition to the Survival tips. I haven't been playing long, so I don't have many examples. Try not to be redundant.

  1. Never keep advancing toward an opponent with a shotgun (w/out your own). Shotguns are the most effective at close range. Keep a safe distance and engage.
  2. When your health indicator flashes red, (duh) take cover until it is no longer flashing.
  3. SHOOT AT THE HELO. SHOOT AT THE HELO. SHOOT AT THE HELO. SHOOT AT THE HELO. BUT remember to check your radar to ensure no opponents are about to knife you. (It happens.)
  4. If you hear a grenade drop, slow down what you're doing until you hear it explode. No reason to run right into a freshly thrown grenade
  5. Flaming cars will explode with a blast radius of almost double that of a C4.
  6. If you see a C4, don't just run by it, chances are that the enemy is waiting for you to walk by.
  7. Lay down when planting bombs.
  8. If you get lucky on any mode sniping from a certain place, DO NOT STAY THERE!
  9. Same but with S&D dont go back

4 Tips -If you wing a guy that is running towards' his side of the map and is a fair distance from you, let him go, odd's are it you chase him you will run to about 3-5 of his teammates and meet a quick death.

-CHECK CORNERS, i cant count the time sif been kill in a seemly empty room but some punk hiding in a shadowy corner, it still happen in fact.

-Dont attack all enemy's on sight, know when to attack and when to shadow them until the time is right for a strike.

-Martyrdom is a childish and weak way to get kill's in any game type on any map.....expect shipment, there is is GOD!

-(Obvious one) When you here a "click" RUN! It means a claymore is about to end our existance.

Sniping common sense - This should be common sense for a sniper, but if you've killed 4+ people from the same vantage point, its time to find a new spot, or they will snipe you back...

Reloading - If an enemy catches you mid-reload, chances are you're about to die. Only hope is to use the sidearm and hope for the best. Reloading even when you've only shot a round or two can really save you later.

A few more tips - In domination type games, if you don't have any decent cover or no one's got a smoke grenade, run back and forth...zig zag, and be a difficult target. The area you can stay in around the flag is bigger than you think. A perfect example is when people hide in that one spot in Shipment to capture B. They're protected by barrels, and can hide in the dark. Their only concerns are a person running in there too or cooked grenades.

-In a S&D game in Bog, you can plant the bomb without actually having to go inside

-Flanking helps. A lot. Do it. In 2's.

-Just like what's said in those death quotes...If you can see the enemy. The enemy can see you too. Unless of course, you're behind their back...just hope they don't have good ears/good sound system. Don't spend too much time trying to get that headshot. They just might move and spot you.

-Sleight of Hand doesn't work while Last Standing. Sorry.

No headshot? - Never aim for the head with a pistol, aim for the neck, they are not 1 hit kills, by the time the second bullet flys out the recoil will have aimed for you.

Grenade Tip - - Don't always through the grenade to the center of the room, through it towards the wall, so it would bounce off of it and go to the center of the room. Why do you want to do that? Because you don't want to get shot! Plain and simple...

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