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COD4: Rcon
COD4: Rcon

Rcon CoD4

CoD2 Rcon Commander makers have released a BETA release of CoD4 Rcon Commander.

It has all the same options the origanal had, but some options have been removed, no longer functional in the new release of Call of Duty 4.

You can visit This site for more information.

The Beta

New features for CoD4 RCON Commander will include:

1. User level rcon access (specified by clan owner/admin) 2. Improved chat log 3. Improved punkbuster 4. Player whispers will load in a new window (like an IM window) 5. Optional player history logging + automatic HTML page generation of stats 6. Automatic discovery/configuration of punkbuster and server config file(s) This new version is set to be released sometime this summer. Following the release of CoD4 RCON Commander (final), construction will begin on the CS:Source RCON Commander utility. CoD/CoD2/CoD4 projects will still continue being made while we slowly move on to other games.

The Stable Release


  • Configure weapon settings (enable / disable all weapons)
  • Configure game settings (configure all game types, motd, etc)
  • Kick, ban, tempBan players
  • Manage Punkbuster banList
  • Manage Punkbuster scheduled tasks
  • Edit server configuration file
  • Change map / restart map / next map / view map list
  • Change gametype
  • Configure server messages (unlimited)
  • Bad word in name kicking
  • Ping kicking
  • Configure server information refresh time
  • Direct console access (Rcon Console)
  • Program updates
  • Direct install of necessary files
  • Configure multiple servers

  • We will be adding new features to this application over time. You will be notified instantly upon starting the application if there any updates available. An automatic updater has been created so you never have to open a browser. We have taken great care to automate the entire process of updating.

    Some of the updates you can expect in the future will be:

  • Support for mods (request mod support on the forums)
  • Server messages for individual servers
  • Full FTP client access
  • Managing / executing of multiple server configuration files

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