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COD4: Level up Perks
COD4: Perks

CoD4 Perks

Here are the CoD4 perks and what they do. Check out our forums to discuss perks and their usefulness.

For more about perks, and to discuss perks and classes, check out the Perks and Classes forum.

Perk 1

COD4 C4 Perk C4 X 2 C4 is a perfect perk for objective game types such as Search and Destroy where you can set traps for your enemy, for faster paced games like Free For All, (Deathmatch) you can lead your target towards you and blow them up with well placed C4. Use your UAV for C4 kills. Available by default.
COD4 3 Grenade Perk Special Grenades X 3 Gives the player two more of the special grenade of choice (Flash, Stun or Smoke). In turn giving the player a maximum of 3 special grenades. The Special Grenade x3 is available by default.
COD4 RPG Perk RPG X 2 Two rocket propelled grenades. This is great for taking down a helicopter obviously, but can also be used to clear a room of enemies. Just make sure you switch back to your primary weapon quickly! ;) The RPG x2 perk is available by default.
COD4 Claymore Perk Claymore X 2 These are great as a sniper, or a camper. If you go inside a building, make sure you put a claymore near the door, so that if someone decides to come in and take you out, they will die. Also, always make sure you place it so that others cannot see the red laser as well, because you can shoot claymores and destroy them easily if you spot them. Another tip is always set up your claymore for maximum area of effect damage. This perk is available by default.
COD4 Grenade Perk Frag X 3 This has to be the most annoying perk out of all of them! With this, if you are experienced as a grenade thrower, you are guaranteed at least a kill every time you spawn. Just remember to save them for when you see a bunch of red dots on the UAV. Then chuck all 3, and watch your name light up on the scoreboard. The Frag x3 perk is unlocked at level 41 - Colonel 1
COD4 Bandolier Perk Bandolier Carry up to 3 times more ammo. The Bandolier perk is unlocked at Level 32, Captain 1.
COD4 Bomb Squad Perk Bomb Squad The ability to detect enemy explosives such as C4's and Claymores, even when they are placed behind walls. Unlocked at Level 14, Staff Sargeant 1

Perk 2

COD4 Stopping Power Perk Stopping Power Increased bullet damage, however no increase in wall penetration. Increases weapon damage to 140%. This is a great perk to use together with accurate guns that don't do much damage. Stopping Power is available by default.
COD4 Juggernaut Perk Juggernaut Increases your health, taking 75% of the damage that is to be originally dealt. If a soldier with Juggernaut is fired upon from a player using Stopping Power, the game calculates it as a perkless fight. This perk is great to use when you like to lay down some cover fire for your teammates. You can keep firing and take a few shots while your teammates get to where they need to go. Juggernaut is available by default.
COD4 Sleight Of Hand Perk Sleight Of Hand Allows faster reloads. This perk is great for machine gun users, since it takes a very long time to reload guns like the M60 or the M249 Saw. It is also great for anyone that likes to stay in the heat of battle and reload quickly without having to duck for cover, just to reload. Sleight of Hand is unlocked at Level 20, Master Sargeant 1
COD4 Double Tap Perk Double Tap Put more rounds down range quicker with increased rate of fire on any weapon you have, including your pistol. This perk is ideal for indoor fighting as you do not have to compinsate for recoil as much, and can just spray doorways and rooms extremely fast. Warning, although you do fire faster, you waste more ammo and are less accurate if you fire too fast, so you will have to watch the recoil even more with this perk. Double Tap is unlocked at Level 29, 1st Lieutenant 1
COD4 Overkill Perk Overkill Overkill allows the player to carry two primary weapons of their choice in the same loadout. The second primary weapon substitutes the pistol. Obviously this perk is great, twice the ammo, and two different guns to choose from. Pick one long range, and one short-medium range weapon and nobody will be able to stop you. Overkill is unlocked at Level 38, Lt. Colonel 1
COD4 UAV Jammer Perk UAV Jammer Allows you to remain undetected on enemy radars during their UAV scans but you will still be seen if you use a weapon without a silencer. Unlocked at Level 11, Sargeant 1
COD4 Sonic Boom Perk Sonic Boom Increases the damage dealt by explosives. Applies to Grenades and C4 as well as the Grenade Launcher. Sonic Boom is available by default.

Perk 3

COD4 Extreme Conditioning Perk Extreme Conditioning Allows for extended sprinting time. Great for combining with a ninja class, running around and knifing people in the back. Available by default.
COD4 Steady Aim Perk Steady Aim Increased hip-fire accuracy. Great for machine gunners.
COD4 Last Stand Perk Last Stand Allows you to drop the ground and pull out a side arm if you are about to die. Very effective if you are quick. A person wont realize that they did not kill you and you can finish them off before they start firing again. Ulocked at Level 8, Corporal 2
COD4 Martyrdom Perk Martyrdom Automatically drop a grenade right as you die in hopes of killing any enemies around your body at the time of death. Very effective if used in close combat indoors. Enemies will not have time to react and run away from your grenade right after killing you. Martyrdom is unlocked at Level 17, Gunnery Sargeant 1
COD4 Deep Impact Perk Deep Impact Normally, a machine gun has the power shoot through wooden floors, plaster walls, and even some fairly thick stone walls, but a weapon like an M4 does not. Or not as much. Use this perk to be able to shoot through walls with any weapon. Using this perk I advise shooting at walls and seeing if you get a white crosshair pop up indicating you hit someone, if it does, keep firing at the wall and you will kill the enemy without ever even seeing them. This perk is available by default.
COD4 Iron Lungs Perk Iron Lungs Increases the time a sniper can hold their breath while zoomed, to around 8 heartbeats in-game. Unlocked at Level 26, 2nd Lieutenant 1
COD4 Dead Silence Perk Dead Silence Allows you to make a lot less noise when you move. Great for sneaking up on people and generally a great perk for any stealth class. Unlocked at Level 44, Brigadier General 1
COD4 Eavesdrop Perk Eavesdrop Allows you to overhear the enemy's voice chat within a 30 meter radius. Unlocked at Level 35, Major 1

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