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COD4 NoClip
COD4: Tutorials

This is a basic guid of using noclip.

If you would like to take screenshots of the entire level you are on, or simply want to fly around and learn the map, use the console command:


/noclip was introduced to us in the CoD4 Demo and is one of the most popular commands for all the tacticians and mappers out there. 

Here's how to use /noclip:

Load the game and click on 

Start New Server 

Let's select 

Game Mode: Team Deathmatch 

Game Mode Settings: Spectating: Free

Now, go into the console mode by hitting the "~" key and then type:

/sv_cheats 1

This enables cheats on this server. If cheats are not enabled, noclip will not work. This is why you just can't fly around in anyone's server! 

/seta thereisacow 1337

This latter command, "thereisacow" invokes the ghosts of CoD's past. Now, select the map you want to spec:

/devmap mp_backlot 

"Team Deathmatch Backlot" loading screen pops up and you eventually spawn in the map.

Hit Escape
Change Team


/r_fog 0

This command removes the fog in the map to allow better, clearer screenshots to be taken.

Now you can fly around or hit F12 to take screenshots, like this:



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